gumboot (gumboot) wrote in ballet_boots,

4 weeks to Buckle Ball!

Just 4 weeks to the 1st annual Buckle Ball to celebrate the 1st year of Buckle Magazine. It's going to be great fun! This year's ball will be held in Atlanta, Georgia USA. A fabulous weekend is in the making and we are honoured to have YOU be a part of it!

The Buckle Ball website is constantly growing: sneak a peek for all the details.

The weekend begins with the release of Buckle Magazine Issue 3 at Aura Lounge on Thursday Sept. 21 -- the Official Buckle Ball Pre-Party with Agoraphobia on Friday the 22nd and the Buckle Ball itself on Saturday the 23rd. We plan on keeping you very busy that weekend.

In addition to feature performances by RubberDoll, Darenzia, the wildly inventive Daniel, and a fashion show with BodyCult, Delicia, Vesperi and Girlarmour....and recently added sideshows by Scar13, Whippersnappers, Kip/Rubberotika and Purgatory.

$5 off door admission if you are:
- in town for the Southern Comfort Conference
- show your membership card to Whippersnappers
- bring your ticket stub/stamp from the Genitorturers show.

See you there!
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